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ColorDrip Gold handmade tea cup sets


Suitable for use with Tea Ceremonies

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Enhance your tea ritual with the opulent ColorDrip Gold Handmade Tea Cup Sets from RENCONTRE ZEN & TEA. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these tea cups exemplify the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship. The unique ColorDrip design features a rich, golden hue that elegantly cascades down the sides, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

Each tea cup in the ColorDrip Gold set is meticulously handcrafted from premium ceramic, ensuring every piece is not only visually stunning but also highly functional. The lustrous gold finish is applied with a special technique that allows the color to drip naturally, creating a one-of-a-kind pattern on each cup. This technique ensures that no two cups are exactly alike, making each set truly unique.

The high firing temperature used in crafting these cups guarantees durability and excellent heat retention, enhancing the natural flavors and aromas of your tea. This makes every tea drinking experience not just a habit but a luxurious ritual that appeals to the senses.

Perfect for special occasions or everyday indulgence, these tea cup sets are an essential addition to any tea lover's collection. Whether used in quiet contemplation or shared among friends, the ColorDrip Gold Tea Cup Sets bring a touch of sophistication and joy to any tea ceremony.

Product Features
  • Luxurious gold drip glaze
  • Handmade from high-quality ceramic
  • Unique pattern on each cup due to the hand-applied dripping technique
  • High durability and superb heat retention
  • Ideal for those who cherish both the art of tea and the elegance of fine teaware

Notice: Each teacup showcases a unique pattern due to the transmutation in the kiln, embodying the beauty of individuality. While variations exist, the quality and theme remain consistent, ensuring that every RENCONTRE ZEN&TEA handmade teaware piece is special.