What are the Benefits of Drinking Tea with Jianzhan?

Jianzhan, also known as tenmokus, is an important type of Chinese teaware. It has a completely different appearance and effect from ordinary porcelain teaware.

1.Heat preservation and enhanced taste: Jianzhan has a heat preservation effect, keeping the tea warm for an extended period and increasing the alkalinity of the tea, resulting in a better taste. It enhances the aroma of the tea, providing a smooth and rich flavor, achieving a full tea-tasting experience.

2.Water quality improvement: Brewing tea in Jianzhan has the effect of revitalizing and softening water, making it feel softer and the tea taste clearer and sweeter. Those who frequently use Jianzhan for tea know that the water quality becomes exceptionally soft and sweet, comparable to using an iron or silver kettle.

3.Health benefits: Jianzhan, with silica, alumina, iron oxide, and calcium in its glaze, releases ferrous ions into the tea, facilitating absorption by the body. It can prevent anemia, hypertension, regulate the central nervous system, and have a soothing effect. It also helps balance the endocrine system and has antibacterial effects.

4.Self-cultivation: There is an ancient Chinese saying, "Cultivate the inner to reflect the outer," emphasizing self-cultivation. Similarly, the art of cultivating Jianzhan reflects the cultivation of oneself. Patience and a calm mind are essential for both tea appreciation and the care of Jianzhan. A well-cared-for Jianzhan is modest, elegant, and exhibits a quiet beauty.

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