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We believe that even in the hustle and bustle of daily life, everyone deserves to discover moments of tranquility to savor fine teas, engage in meditation, and explore the profound wisdom of Zen. At Rencontre Zen & Tea, we aim to create a sanctuary where the mind and body can both unwind and gather inner strength, fostering a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Our offerings include an exquisite selection of Teaware, serene Meditation corners, immersive Zen Home Decor experiences, and Incense Burners designed to connect you with the beauty of nature.
Through these thoughtful practices, we believe that not only can you escape the stress of everyday life but also uncover deeper insights about yourself, embracing a serene and harmonious way of living. Join us at Rencontre Zen & Tea in finding your own slice of serenity, rediscover the beauty of life, and allow your mind and body to truly relax and recharge. With our carefully curated Spiritual Gifts, you are equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of each new day. We look forward to exploring and growing together, making our lives more meaningful and vibrant.

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Jingmeijiang Yitao Garden, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China


+86 13212139276