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Blessed Treasures Zen Incense Powder Burner


- Antique charm, featuring a classic aesthetic inspired by ancient traditions and symbolic elements like the eight treasures.
- Rounded, smooth lines, emphasizing harmony and fluidity, aligning with Zen principles for a calming presence.
- Pure copper material, ensuring durability with a beautiful, lustrous finish that ages gracefully.
- Versatile use, accommodating various forms of incense, from cones to sticks, making it a functional addition to any setting.

Suitable for use with Tea Ceremonies

Incense not included

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Blessed Treasures Zen Incense Powder Burner

  •  Size: 3.44‘’ x 3.44‘’ x 2.30‘’(10.5cm x 10.5cm x 7cm)
  •  Meditation, suitable for use while drinking tea and resting
  •  Incense cones not included
  •  Incense sticks not included


Introducing the Blessed Treasures Zen Incense Burner, an exquisite piece that marries traditional aesthetics with the tranquility of Zen. Crafted from pure copper with rounded, smooth lines, this burner exudes an ancient charm that complements any meditation or relaxation space. Its design incorporates the traditional "eight treasures," symbols of prosperity and spiritual completeness in Eastern cultures.

The Blessed Treasures Zen Incense Burner is designed to deepen your meditation practice by creating a focused and serene environment. The soft glow of copper and the gentle diffusion of incense smoke through its intricate design help to soothe the mind and promote a sense of deep relaxation. This burner is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty and symbolism of traditional Eastern artifacts and wish to incorporate these elements into their daily relaxation or meditation routines.

Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this incense burner serves as a functional piece of art that enhances the aesthetic and spiritual quality of your home or office.

Product Features

  • Antique Charm: Designed with a classic aesthetic that draws on ancient traditions, featuring symbolic elements like the eight treasures.
  • Rounded, Smooth Lines: The design emphasizes harmony and fluidity, which align with the principles of Zen for a calming presence.
  • Pure Copper Material: Made from high-quality copper, this burner is not only durable but also provides a beautiful, lustrous finish that ages gracefully.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for use with various forms of incense, from cones to sticks, making it a functional addition to any setting.


Why powder incense burners are better for pre-meditation than backflow and stick incense burners

Discover the profound serenity and enhanced focus with our Incense Powder Burner, especially designed for the use of incense powder—perfect for those who seek a deeper meditation experience. Unlike the more common backflow burners and incense sticks, the process of using incense powder requires a more deliberate and contemplative approach, setting the stage for a meditative session.

Here’s why our incense powder burner is a must-have for meditation enthusiasts:

  • Enhanced Preparation for Meditation: The act of preparing and using incense powder with our set is a meditation in itself. It slows you down and helps you to engage with the moment, allowing you to clear your mind and focus inwardly before beginning your meditation session.
  • Deeper Sense of Ritual: Using incense powder adds a ritualistic depth to your practice, enhancing the sensory experience with its rich, enveloping aroma that fills the space more uniformly than incense sticks or cones.
  • Immediate Impact on Mental State: The scent of burning incense powder is known for its potent quality and ability to permeate an environment quickly, helping to induce a state of deep relaxation and making it easier to enter a meditative state.
  • Cultural and Aesthetic Value: Our incense burner not only serves a practical function but is also a piece of art that respects and revives traditional practices. The design and auspicious clouds embossment add a layer of spiritual symbolism and beauty to your meditation space.

Embrace a mindful approach to meditation with our Incense Powder Burner. Perfect for those who value the ritual and ambiance as integral parts of their meditation practice, this burner is your companion in seeking tranquility and achieving a deeper, more fulfilling meditation experience.