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Handcrafted Cloisonné Glass Zen Chinese Incense Powder Burner

颜色: Yellow

- Enhanced preparation for meditation, slowing you down and aiding in clearing your mind and focusing inwardly.
- Deeper sense of ritual, with incense powder's rich, enveloping aroma enhancing the sensory experience more uniformly than sticks or cones.
- Immediate impact on mental state, with the potent scent inducing deep relaxation and aiding in entering a meditative state.
- Cultural and aesthetic value, combining practicality and artistry, with auspicious clouds embossment adding spiritual symbolism and beauty to your space.

Suitable for use with Tea Ceremonies

Incense not included

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Handcrafted Cloisonné Glass Zen Chinese Incense Powder Burner

  • Classical simplicity
  • Size:8.9‘’x1.3‘’x0.5‘’(22.5cmx3.2cmx1.3cm)
  • Meditation, suitable for use while drinking tea and resting
  •  Incense cones not included
  • Incense sticks not included 

  • Incense Powdernot included


Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and vibrant beauty of the Handcrafted Cloisonné Glass Zen Chinese Incense Powder Burner. This exquisite piece combines the ancient art of cloisonné with the translucency of glass, creating a visually stunning piece that is both a functional incense burner and a magnificent work of art. With its vivid colors and intricate filigree enamel work, this burner is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship reminiscent of imperial artistry.

The Handcrafted Cloisonné Glass Zen Chinese Incense Powder Burner is designed to elevate your meditation experience by adding a touch of historical luxury and visual splendor. As you light your incense, the rich colors and intricate patterns of the burner provide a focal point for contemplation, enhancing your ability to achieve a deep meditative state. This piece is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of traditional arts and want to incorporate these elements into their meditation practices.

Ideal for use in Zen meditation rooms, as a centerpiece in living areas, or as a standout piece in collections, this incense burner not only serves its function flawlessly but also captivates all who see it, making it an extraordinary gift for lovers of fine art and craftsmanship.


  • Vibrant Cloisonné Design: Featuring the traditional Chinese art of cloisonné, where intricate designs are created with thin wire partitions and then filled with colorful enamel.
  • Imperial Craftsmanship: Each piece reflects a level of craftsmanship associated with royal artifacts, making it a luxurious addition to any space.
  • Glass and Enamel Fusion: The combination of durable glass and enamel ensures that the burner not only looks elegant but also withstands the test of time.
  • Rich, Vibrant Colors: The use of vibrant colors in the enamel offers a striking contrast that enhances the visual appeal and draws attention to the fine details.
  • Suitable for use with Tea Ceremonies


Why powder incense burners are better for pre-meditation than backflow and stick incense burners

Discover the profound serenity and enhanced focus with our Incense Powder Burner, especially designed for the use of incense powder—perfect for those who seek a deeper meditation experience. Unlike the more common backflow burners and incense sticks, the process of using incense powder requires a more deliberate and contemplative approach, setting the stage for a meditative session.


  • Enhanced Preparation for Meditation: The act of preparing and using incense powder with our set is a meditation in itself. It slows you down and helps you to engage with the moment, allowing you to clear your mind and focus inwardly before beginning your meditation session.
  • Deeper Sense of Ritual: Using incense powder adds a ritualistic depth to your practice, enhancing the sensory experience with its rich, enveloping aroma that fills the space more uniformly than incense sticks or cones.
  • Immediate Impact on Mental State: The scent of burning incense powder is known for its potent quality and ability to permeate an environment quickly, helping to induce a state of deep relaxation and making it easier to enter a meditative state.
  • Cultural and Aesthetic Value: Our incense burner not only serves a practical function but is also a piece of art that respects and revives traditional practices. The design and auspicious clouds embossment add a layer of spiritual symbolism and beauty to your meditation space.

Embrace a mindful approach to meditation with our Incense Powder Burner. Perfect for those who value the ritual and ambiance as integral parts of their meditation practice, this burner is your companion in seeking tranquility and achieving a deeper, more fulfilling meditation experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Doe
Stunning Design

This burner's design is absolutely gorgeous! The craftsmanship is top-notch, and you can tell it's made with care.

Jennifer Taylor
Zen Vibes All the Way

Loving this burner for my meditation sessions! The calming effect it has is unreal, and it looks so beautiful with its glass design.

Emily Smith
Exquisite Color and Quality

The color of this burner is so mesmerizing, it's like crystal clear! And the quality is superb, definitely exceeded my expectations.

Michael Johnson
Perfect for Meditation

Just got this burner and it's perfect for my meditation sessions. The vibe it sets is exactly what I was looking for, helps me get into the zone real quick.

Sarah Brown
Elegantly Crafted

This burner is a work of art! The craftsmanship is exquisite, every little detail is so well done. It's not just a burner, it's a statement piece in my home.