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Heavenly Glaze Leaf handmade tea cup sets

颜色: Black

Suitable for use with Tea Ceremonies

Incense not included

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Capacity Diameter  Depth


Heat Resistent Food-Safe Dishwasher
Microwave Direct Heat on Stove
Embrace the essence of tranquility and aesthetic grace with our Heavenly Glaze Leaf Handmade Tea Cup Sets, designed to enrich your meditative and tea rituals. Each tea cup is a testament to the art of handcrafting, adorned with serene leaf motifs that seem to float on the celestial-inspired glaze, evoking a sense of calm and ethereal beauty.
The unique glaze of these cups mirrors the soothing hues of the sky at dawn, providing a perfect backdrop for contemplation and relaxation. As you hold the lightweight, gently curved cup, it naturally fits in your hands, promoting a moment of mindfulness with every sip. The leaf patterns, subtly enhanced with soft hues, invite a connection to nature, grounding you in the present moment.
These tea cup sets are ideal for enhancing meditation practices, serving as a focal point during tea ceremonies, or simply enjoying a quiet morning. Their elegant design complements any meditation space or home decor, aiming to foster an atmosphere of peace and reflection.
Whether used for personal meditation sessions, as part of your daily relaxation routine, or given as a gift to someone special who appreciates the beauty of mindful living, the Heavenly Glaze Leaf Handmade Tea Cup Sets bring a touch of serenity to every cup of tea. Perfect for those looking to deepen their practice of mindfulness and enjoy the subtle joys of life.
Product Features

+Purely handmade tea cup sets
+ High Firing Temperature (1300 Celcius)
+ Heat Preservation & Improve the Taste
+ Over 72 Hours of Precision Handcrafting
+ Own a Masterpiece in Teaware Industry
+ Ideal for Art Collection
+ Elegant Gift Item with Gorgeous Box
+ Perfect Use for All Occasions


Notice: Due to the transmutation in kiln, the pattern on each teaware will be slightly different. Therefore, every RENCONTRE TeaLIFE handmade  teaware is unique and special, but it will be remained generally the same.