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Plum Blossom Temmoku Glazed Tea cup Sets


Suitable for use with Tea Ceremonies

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Introducing the Plum Blossom Temmoku Glazed Tea Cup Sets, a fusion of classic artistry and modern elegance. Each cup is expertly crafted with the iconic Temmoku glaze, known for its deep, lustrous finishes that resemble the starry night sky. Adorned with delicate plum blossom designs, these cups marry the robust, earthy qualities of Temmoku pottery with the gentle beauty of spring flowers.

The plum blossom, a symbol of perseverance and hope, is beautifully rendered against the dark, rich background of the Temmoku glaze, making each cup not only a functional piece for tea drinking but also a work of art. The contrast between the dark glaze and the light floral pattern highlights the intricate details of each blossom, inviting contemplation and admiration with every use.

These tea cup sets are perfect for those who appreciate the depth of traditional pottery techniques combined with the elegance of nature-inspired motifs. They are ideal for enhancing your tea ritual, whether it's a quiet morning moment or a shared afternoon with friends. The unique glaze ensures that no two cups are exactly alike, offering a personal touch to your tea experience.

Suitable for daily enjoyment or special occasions, the Plum Blossom Temmoku Glazed Tea Cup Sets make a stunning addition to any tea lover’s collection or as a thoughtful gift. Enjoy the deep cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship that each cup offers, enhancing the pleasure and ambiance of your tea drinking rituals.

Product Features

+Classic simplicity

+Enhances the sensory experience of tea drinking

+Ideal for collectors and connoisseurs

+Not just for use, but a masterpiece for display

+Size:Diameter 9.6cm, Depth 4cm